Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kingdom of IT, aka Bangalore IT.in, 2006

Unveiling, for the 9th year in succession, Bangalore IT.in Asia’s premier IT show that toa fabulous location like Bangalore Palace... An ideal platform for productive interfaces between CEOs, CTOs, Presidents, Managers, IT Professionals, Delegates and visitors from all over the world. This ICMT event is designed to inspire, innovate and empower. An opportunity rich with possibilities for joint ventures, information exchanges, networking, head hunting, fund sourcing, competition analysis and business exchanges. Refer ..

The spectacular growth in the IT sector is led by Karnataka, with Bangalore in the forefront as a global brand. Of the $23 billion IT exports registered during the last fiscal year (2005-06), Karnataka alone accounted for $8.3 billion, constituting around 37 percent of the total exports

With over 75,000 IT and related professionals logging in every year, many business transactions are conducted and closed. Be there for the enriching knowledge, conferences, trade shows and thrilling events. Arrive, connect, share, ideate and bond at Bangalore IT.in 2006. Refer..

As one of the favorite investment destinations in the country, Karnataka continues to attract four new IT companies with 100 percent foreign equity every week. About 40 percent of the 1.3- million software professionals across the country are employed in Bangalore. More..
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