Saturday, January 16, 2010

Going Solar...

The eclipse made everyone aware and looks like each one seeking out to explore the event, the sunset was as beautiful as it can then, as if like a new sun...


Travelingjoan Sat Jan 16, 06:04:00 PM GMT+5:30  

Great Shot! The framing by the Palm trees is wondeful!

homer Sun Jan 17, 01:24:00 AM GMT+5:30  

i didn't catch it. i think i was asleep. =)

RNSANE Sun Jan 17, 08:09:00 AM GMT+5:30  

Rajesh, coconut palms are always my favorite, so graceful are their fronds - especially so in your picture against the beautiful blue of the sky, with the sun peeping through them. This is a most beautiful shot.