Monday, December 07, 2009

Modern Clay!!

Pottery is traditional but gets more creative with modern streams of thoughts conjoin it for betterment, few of the pots kept for sell showcase the new designs and patterns on the clay!!


rodangeles Mon Dec 07, 08:38:00 PM GMT+5:30  

those are beautiful, that would look good in any garden!

RNSANE Tue Dec 08, 12:54:00 AM GMT+5:30  

These would be beautiful holding plants for my son's new home!

Travelingjoan Tue Dec 08, 04:07:00 AM GMT+5:30  

Really lovely! I'd like 2 dozen for flower plants on my deck, but the soil would freeze, the water would freeze and expand so the clay would crack in our very cold winters. I have to use very heavy plastic planters.
Your pottery is so pretty, looks like icing on a cake!

Anonymous Sat Dec 12, 07:19:00 PM GMT+5:30