Monday, September 10, 2007

Frangipani..the blooming champa!!

Also called Plumeria (Michelia Champaca) comes with different colors and names depending on location, many other common names exist: "Kembang Kamboja" in Indonesia, "Temple Tree" or "Champa" in India, "Kalachuchi" in the Philippines, "Araliya" or "Pansal Mal" in Sri Lanka, "Champa" in Laos, "Lantom" or "Lilarwadee" in Thai and "Dead man's fingers" in Australia, for example. The Australian name is perhaps taken from its thin, leafless, finger-like branches. Many English speakers also simply use the generic name "Plumeria".


• Eliane • Mon Sep 10, 09:05:00 AM GMT+5:30  

And they do smell very nice too! In French we call them "Frangipanier" or Plumeria (Latin rules the world in botanic).

I have a little Eau de Toilette bottle of this that I bought when on vacation in the French Indies (Martinique and Guadeloupe).

Janet Mon Sep 10, 09:31:00 AM GMT+5:30  

Very cheerful blossoms. i like the pink and yellow combo.

Unknown Tue Jan 26, 06:41:00 AM GMT+5:30  

Plumeria and Michaelia are 2 different things. However in Hindi they are both called champa.Plumeria is botanical name for Frangipani(also called Gulchin, leelawadi,Kalachuki,ttemple tree, graveyard tree). The Michaelia Champace is also called Champak,Apoorvachampa .I have both plants and they both are great.