Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sri Krishna Sweets...

Sri Krishna Sweets was started in Coimbatore in 1948 as a small shop by Madhav Iyer. It took him 30 years to start the second outlet, The business house now has about 50 stores as well as one popular store in Dubai, its only foreign outlet. It shot into fame when it recently provided BHEL, Bangalore, with 17.5 tonnes of Mysorepak in 72 hours for a celebration.

Mysore pak, also known as ‘mysurpa’ is a sweet south Indian dish, usually served as a dessert. It is made up of generous amount of
ghee (clarified butter), sugar and chick pea ( besan) flour. The dish is renowned for it’s unrivalled richness and fantastic sweetness.
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~tanty~ Tue Sep 12, 11:10:00 AM GMT+5:30  

Oh, I want to try it. I like sweet! Nice shot!