Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More Mangos..

The fruit sellers continue to sale mangos, looks like the demand will continue right along the monsoon...


RNSANE Tue Jun 15, 12:03:00 PM GMT+5:30  

They are such a marvelous fruit, I can see why there is such a high demand!

Travelingjoan Tue Jun 15, 05:05:00 PM GMT+5:30  

Great composition, exciting color, YUMMY!!

Leif Hagen Thu Jun 17, 05:47:00 PM GMT+5:30  

A delicious photo nicely framed with the colorful umbrellas!

smooth n rippled.... Fri Jun 25, 07:12:00 PM GMT+5:30  

they look so edible! i wanna pick one out fr myself :)