Saturday, April 10, 2010

Summer Shopping..

The city is still in a grip of scorching sun, the rising mercury is pushing shoppers to venture out only after sunset and the commercial street being a major shopping area is witnessing flocks of shoppers in late evenings pushing the shops to remain open as late as they can, unusually...


Travelingjoan Sun Apr 11, 05:22:00 AM GMT+5:30  

Cool night shot! Looks almost as bright as day with all the lights.

Unknown Sun Apr 11, 07:58:00 PM GMT+5:30  


Nayab Saiyed Mon Apr 12, 08:05:00 AM GMT+5:30  

wow...I miss this place alot...thanks for the upload Rajesh.

Apexsuites Tue Apr 13, 10:02:00 AM GMT+5:30  

This place is looking great with the bright light and thank you so much for the pics to showing us.