Monday, July 27, 2009

Street Sales…

Weekends make everyone visit the markets together with the families doing lot of window shopping, the time is best for the street vendors who stand close to the crowd and display their goods inviting bargains, this one is standing in a hot sun and trying his luck…hope he gets to sell his merchandize well!


Leif Hagen Mon Jul 27, 05:30:00 PM GMT+5:30  

A wind chime - cool! I might have bought one! Does he take internet orders?

B SQUARED Mon Jul 27, 06:24:00 PM GMT+5:30  

I wonder how many he can sell in the course of a day?

arabesque Mon Jul 27, 09:14:00 PM GMT+5:30  

poor chap... looks like it's going to be a long hot sunny day for him...